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Every year we get questions about why we are so passionate about our tier rankings/sheets over what other websites/competitors produce. We start with a thorough comprehensive study of all 32 NFL teams and their statistics over a period of several seasons. How often they run, how often they pass, what each position averages in terms of rushing attempts, passing targets, etc. We study the players and offensive systems so when they change, what are the affects? All this then goes into our unique fantasy football algorithm that produces the  statistical projections and rankings for every player.

Executing a successful fantasy football draft is the first major step in winning your fantasy league. Having accurate, up to date projections allows our Tier Rankings at each position help our Championship Package members be ready to make the right pick every round.

Thats why its so important to have the right NFL player draft selection strategy. Our value based predictions are the perfect source of powering up tier sheets/rankings for many reasons. Some of the top ones include:

The whole theory behind fantasy football tier sheets & rankings vs. Cheat Sheets: Topic in itself and our fantasy expert Russ Bliss has great insight in an article he wrote- here on the benefits of Tier Sheets!

Personalized for your roster including Player Stat Probability Predictions
: for every game and incorporates your rosters scoring system & starting line-up requirements.

Player Stat Projections updated 24/7- Candidly, static articles and generic rankings are outdated in minutes. With off season activities, OTA's, Training Camps - everyday we update players status (i.e. injuries, traded, promoted, demoted,etc.) You NEED to have a source that is updated all the time.

Enables you to have confidence and make good picks during your fantasy football draft. Hey, drafts can move fast and being organized, knowing you have a process for ranking/identifying players to pick- makes it much easier and al lot more fun. Here's one of Russ's Articles on what it takes to win.

Let us carry you the rest of the season to a Championship! Our Fantasy Football Draft, Trade, and Line-up Analyzer tools will provide you with the best source of accurate recommendations for every aspect (trades, weekly line-up recommendations, recommended player drop/adds and more) of managing your roster.

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One last final tip to a successful fantasy football draft is laid out right here for you in a very simple and mindful way. Enjoy the advice and good luck this season.